Christmas is right around the corner and that means that Christmas trees will soon be common place in homes across Lincolnshire. During the festive season we would like you to think of St Barnabas Hospice and let us recycle your tree this year.

The simplest, greenest and most charitable way to get rid of your Christmas tree.

Donations are crucial to the success of this event;

We have to raise a total of £5.5 million each year to continue our care free of charge and we couldn’t do it without your support. Your money will go directly to helping over 9,000 people across Lincolnshire receive the specialist end of life care they deserve.

£5 pays for a patient wash pack
£20 will help to pay for the care our Hospice at Home team offers to your community
£50 will help pay for the physiotherapy a patient needs to retain their independence
£100 will help to fund the exceptionally specialist care some of our patients need

The hospice will be collecting trees across Lincolnshire on Saturday 6th January – Simply visit to check if we are collecting in your area. For more information please call Laura Stones & Amelia Mochan on 01522 559515 or email at

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