mushroomwebAfter all of the rich food and inevitable over indulgence during the festive season, I feel a good hearty soup is in order. My recipe for you is a Luxury Mushroom Soup, the inclusion of port being the “luxury” element. 

Depending upon appetite you should get four to six portions out of this recipe. With the exception of the port, (hopefully you might have a bit left in the bottle that needs using up after Christmas), the other ingredients are inexpensive. It has a wonderful depth of flavour and is my favourite soup to make and eat.


• 1 kg mushrooms
• 100g salted butter
• 150 ml Port
• 1 ½ litres of chicken stock made with two chicken stock cubes
• 4 scant tbsp. plain flour
• Salt and white pepper


You will need a very large pan and ideally large measuring jug.

Thinly slice mushrooms.

Fry on a medium heat for five minutes in the butter and season with salt and white pepper. Keep stirring to coat the mushrooms well and the juices are released. Don’t be alarmed at the volume of mushrooms, they cook down a lot.

Add flour and cook on a medium heat for five minutes, stirring continuously.

Add in port, turn the heat up and keep stirring for five minutes.

Start adding the stock slowly and keep stirring. When all of the stock is incorporated, turn the heat down and simmer for 20 minutes.

Taste and adjust seasoning if necessary. You can either serve the soup chunky as it is with some good bread or use a stick blender to whiz it up, it will still have a bit of texture to it. I preferred mine blended and finished off with a swirl of cream.

This soup is delicious served with my Medieval Maslin Bread or Ploughman’s Rolls.

Both recipes can be found on recipe section.

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