Since launching in 2013, Lincs Scene has been delivered door to door by independent distributors. Most of these distributors only deliver to easy to reach areas, where their work can be completed quickly and cost effectively (ie. large housing estates), ignoring those harder to reach spread out homes in remote locations, which can pose a bit of a problem in rural Lincolnshire. Their work can often be difficult to verify and the figures they quote for homes per area are often very conflicting.

Whatever the weather, you can rely on Royal Mail’s trusted postal delivery service.
Whatever the weather, you can rely on Royal Mail’s trusted postal delivery service.

We pride our publications on community integrity and customer focus and have now chosen to use the best and most reliable distribution network in the UK, Royal Mail, as we don’t take the trust that our advertisers place in us lightly.

Royal Mail distribution ensures that all homes and businesses within the post code sectors we select are guaranteed to receive a copy of Lincs Scene with their regular post, come rain or shine.

This new method gives our advertising customers peace of mind as the service is guaranteed and we are the only magazine offering such a reliable and extensive distribution.

Some publications leave large bundles of magazines in shops and business premises to be picked up and quote misleading ‘readership’ figures, most likely to persuade potential advertisers that their distribution is extensive, but magazines need to be in the homes of readers and potential customers, not sat in reception waiting areas never to be picked up.

The true value of advertising lies in the responses generated. Lincs Scene is by far the largest free publication in the area and the only magazine offering complete transparency of distribution and readership – resulting in excellent response rates and good return on investment. If advertising is ‘cheap’, there’s usually a very good reason and if your advertisement generates no responses, your bargain deal is in fact a complete waste of money. Be very cautious and if you’re unsure, ask the publisher to prove their distribution methods and request referrals.

In a world where technology is taking over we remember the vast population who aren’t ‘tech savvy’ and still prefer the print alternatives. Royal Mail distribution of Lincs Scene together with our supermarket stocked copies now totals more than 35,000* and response rates are very impressive too.

Don’t just take our word for it. A recent survey conducted by DMIS Door to Door Trends concluded:

“People don’t ignore their post. They take time to look through it, their mind is focused on the task and they’re ready to read so any unaddressed door drop material that’s part of the mail is much more likely to be taken on board.”

If you would like your business to be marketed regularly to over 35,000 homes in the Lincoln area (compared to circa 10,000 copies of any single competing title), then choose Lincs Scene and Royal Mail, ensuring your business message reaches more potential customers than ever before.

*Up to 2,000 copies of each edition are stocked in major supermarkets in our own branded dispensers for customer collection. Any copies left over after a two week period are distributed in new areas by our own staff.

For a completely transparent advertising service contact Lincs Scene today to request a new media pack highlighting areas of distribution and standard rates. Discounts and editorial options are available for series bookings. Telephone: 01522 533438 or email: