Mental health is becoming one of the priorities of the World Health Organisation. With the increasing demand on mental health services, the need for private mental health services is increasing.

Dr Tarik Al-Kubaisy, a senior and an experienced consultant in psychiatry in Lincoln, said that “There is no health without mental health”.

I recently visited Dr Al-Kubaisy at The Well Centre in Bishop Grosseteste University, Lincoln, to explore this new well designed and managed Centre.

Dr Al-Kubaisy told me, The Well Centre, opened in September 2016, is the first practice offering holistic and mental health services to private patients in Lincolnshire.

The Centre provides a full range of assessments and treatments for psychiatric, psychological, social and alternative interventions by a team of specialists headed by Dr Tarik Al-Kubaisy.

Dr Al-Kubaisy graduated from the University of Mosul in 1974, studied a psychiatry degree in Vienna in 1982 followed by a PhD at the University of London, Institute of Psychiatry in 1990. He has gained a wealth of worldwide experience in a number of disciplines and worked for the NHS since returning to the UK in 2004 as a consultant psychiatrist.

Dr Al-Kubaisy is proud to work for the NHS as a consultant and said “Our aim at The Well Centre is to compliment and not compete with the NHS, by trying to fill in gaps (if there are any), by offering assessments and treatments to private patients with an out of hours appointment.

“Although we are a private practice, we are happy to work with charitable organisations, GPs, NHS and others to provide our services to vulnerable people locally and even to those where financial assistance may be required and supported by charitable organisations.”

The Well Centre offer support from assessment, investigations, and treatment for mental health issues and even to individuals diagnosed with ADHD, Asperger’s and Autistic spectrum adults not commissioned by the NHS using the latest technology and up to date services including Tele-Psychiatry (with the patient’s consent) to help people who cannot visit the practice frequently. The Centre provides Medical background services, psychotherapeutic assessments and services, Cognitive Behaviour Therapies (CBT), Psychodynamic Psychotherapies, counselling, social support and assessment and support is offered to patients for medico- legal services providing courts with medical legal reports and therapy if required.

The Well Centre is regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC). The commission monitors, inspects and regulates all areas of the practice ensuring that they meet fundamental standards of quality and safety and performance ratings are provided to help people choose care.

Situated at Bishop Grosseteste University, BG Futures building on Longdales Road in Lincoln, The Well Centre is keen to pass on its experience and expertise to the next generation by collaborating with the university to provide teaching and research to university candidates to provide help, support and services to people in need internationally who may be traumatised due to war or terrorism and support to humanitarian organisations managing refugees.

If you are keen to advise a struggling person, with an emotional or mental health problem, they may call The Well Centre and take the first step in getting the support and treatment they need.

Whether you are referring yourself, have a GP referral or by any other means, please contact: 07921 511101 or 01522 583 594 where you will be directed to an appropriate professional for a private and confidential discussion and your needs assessed.

Common problems are treated including fears and phobias, eating disorders, addictions, depression, OCD symptoms, personality disorders, psychological problems due to organic causes such as Dementia and many more.

The Well Centre, BG Futures, Longdales Road, Lincoln, LN1 3DY.
Telephone: 07921 511101 or 01522 583 594