Gypsey, a long term resident at Halfway Home Dog Rescue.

Halfway Home Dog Rescue is situated between the villages of Collingham and Swinderby, close to both Lincoln and Newark.

The rescue was started in 2005 by Val Hosegood originally in support of another rescue centre. When they decided they no longer needed Val’s help she decided to go it alone in May 2006 and has since carried out dog rehoming directly from her own kennels.

Halfway Home Dog Rescue is a small independent rescue dedicated to helping stray and unwanted dogs who find themselves in crisis situations. The rescue has grown steadily since 2006 and a few months ago celebrated a decade in dog rescue.

A lot of people may not know that a stray dog, either handed in or picked up by the Dog Warden, ending up in the local council pound has seven days for an owner to come forward. After that time the lucky dogs may find themselves with a space at a rescue, the unlucky ones can be put to sleep in order to free up space for more stray or unwanted dogs.

Just seven short  days. It isn’t long to find your dog if it should go missing – one very good reason to make sure your dog is microchipped and that the details are kept up to date.

Last year Halfway Home Dog Rescue took in and rehomed  277 dogs after giving them the loving care they so desperately needed plus any veterinary treatment required.

Some of the dogs are only with Val and her team for a few days while others can be residents for months or even years. There are a few long term residents who, for one reason or another will probably be staying at Halfway Home for the rest of their days and the rescue will continue to support them with whatever they need.

Halfway Home Dog Rescue is supported by a group of regular volunteer dog walkers who make sure that all dogs, and especially the long term residents, get lots of love and attention.

Often the new dogs may be very scared, some have been badly treated, some are frightened to find themselves in kennels and a lot have not had much love in their lives.

One dog who came to the rescue a few years ago now is Maxwell, the rottweiller – to cut a long story short, this dog was rehomed by Halfway Home and then returned, for a variety of reasons (but none through any fault of Maxwell’s) no less than four times.

Maxwell has now been rehomed with a fantastic family who love him very much but sadly a few months ago Maxwell was lame and after veterinary investigation it was decided that the best way to help him was to amputate his hind leg – no small operation for a 12 year old dog. The rescue supported his adopters throughout the whole process and funded the operation at a specialist orthopaedic vets.

Maxwell has recovered very well and adapted to life on three legs. He is now settled and very loved as you can see from the recent photo of him above.

All of Halfway Home’s considerable costs are met by donations and fundraising activities such as open days, shows and car boot sales, etc. – The next event is a Christmas Open Day on Sunday 4th December (see our diary date section for more details).

All money raised will go towards helping the rescue save more dogs from crisis situations. Everyone is very welcome, especially your canine friends.

Halfway Home Dog Rescue is open by appointment for the rehoming of rescue dogs – to make a booking please telephone 0780 8003152 between 11am – 3pm. More details and photo’s can be found at: www.halfwayhome-dogrescue.org