The first County Wheels event took place in Woodhall Spa on 26th April 2015 and arose from an increasing lack of enthusiasm amongst some clubs for the traditional ‘Drive It’ day events. 

The idea was to unify clubs and provide a single point of entry for club runs. It was decided that the event would be open to the public and include activities which would make it more of a family day out, rather than an anorak’s meeting!

2018 marks the fourth year of County Wheels’ Lincolnshire event and the focus of providing a family day out based around a county-wide display of classic and other interesting vehicles to celebrate the start of summer motoring remains much the same.

So, what (you may ask) is an interesting vehicle? Some people consider it must be over 30 years old, but County Wheels believe there are many interesting vehicles much younger than that.

Event organiser, Malcom Brown said: “The objective is firstly to show and wow the public with the scope of vehicles on our roads beyond those we are normally familiar with. Secondly to entertain the whole family and finally to indulge ourselves a little bit too.

“Whether you are club member or wish to come under your own steam, County Wheels gives you the opportunity to meet like minded enthusiasts and show your pride and joy to an admiring public.

“We encourage all participants to dress appropriate to the time of their vehicle’s production which will help make this event unique, however, don’t be put off, it’s not compulsory.”

To make the day more enjoyable there are some fun family activities included, a special screening at Kinema in The Woods (to be confirmed) and there are two trophies awarded on the day, The Petwood Hotel – awarded to the most interesting vehicle and The Trade Trophy, awarded by the sponsor to the vehicle they would most like to own. Refreshments will be provided by a number of caterers as well as stands for specialist suppliers and services including an auto jumble.

The event is free entry for the public and everyone is welcome. Every vehicle that shows will be given a windscreen disc to commemorate the occasion and in return the organisers ask for a small contribution of £5 towards costs. Club and trade stands are available and must be booked in advance by emailing

County Wheels event is run on a ‘not-for-profit’ basis and any profits after costs will be donated to local charities.

2018’s event takes place at Jubilee Park, Woodhall Spa, LN10 6HQ on Sunday, 22nd April. For more information please go to or email