Tupholme Abbey - B Gormley
Tupholme Abbey – B Gormley

Heritage Lincolnshire is a local charity (based in Heckington) working to conserve the rich history of the County for the benefit of people who live and work in the area.

The Trust works to advance our understanding and appreciation of archaeology, historic buildings, traditions and culture and work with a wide range of partners. As an active Buildings Preservation Trust, Heritage Lincolnshire have experience of securing funding for the conservation of historic buildings at risk.

There are also a range of opportunities for education, volunteering, and leisure activities provided by, all of which encourage people to explore the heritage of the area and to become actively involved in its conservation.

In 2016 Heritage Lincolnshire celebrated 25 years of being registered as a charity and in that time: £25 million has been raised, eight historic buildings have been saved from dereliction, participation in the

Bolingbroke - copyright Ben Robinson
Bolingbroke – copyright Ben Robinson

annual Heritage Open Days has risen to over 25,000 visitors and numerous

high quality projects, services and activities that make a real difference to Lincolnshire, its residents and visitors to the area.

These are only a few of the highlights. None of this could be achieved without a dedicated team of staff and volunteers and the commitment of a board of trustees, funding partners and members.

Over the years Heritage Lincolnshire have built up an excellent track record of delivering a range of successful grant-funded projects and this year sees the launch of the new ‘Layers of History’ project which will encourage people to get out and about learning about and studying the evidence that successive generations of people have left in the Lincolnshire landscape.

Subject to funding being awarded, the three year plan will commence in 2017 and will include the creation of online learning courses and innovative digital reconstructions of past landscapes. To find out more visit the Layers of History web page at: www.heritagelincolnshire.org/layers pages

The easiest way to support the work of Heritage Lincolnshire is through membership (see website for details). In return for your support, you’ll be regularly informed about events and activities. You’ll also receive a calendar each year, advance copies of festival and education programmes and an invitation to The Trust’s annual general meeting.

Another way to offer your support is through volunteering, which is a fantastic way to gain new skills, experience and knowledge, discover more about your local area, meet new people and, above all, enjoy yourself.

Heritage Lincolnshire is committed to offering high quality volunteering opportunities; in October 2015 the Trust was awarded the Investing in Volunteers standard, a nationally recognised benchmark for best practice for organisations that involve volunteers in their work.

The input and support of a large body of dedicated volunteers is crucial to much of the Trust’s work and has been since it was formed in 1988.

For more information on membership, donations or volunteering please get in touch by telephoning 01529 461499 or emailing  htladmin@heritagelincolnshire.org